Our Manifesto

Morris Hargreaves McIntyre are change agents: through research, customer insight, consultancy, training, strategic analysis, planning and implementation we assist and support our clients in becoming more effective and sustainable using enhanced audience focus.

We are champions of the audience: we recognise that the customers for leisure, culture, heritage, education, sports and charitable organisations are passionate, articulate, intelligent individuals. Their needs, voices and responses are the key to success for our clients. We gather this insight; it fuels our thinking and drives the majority of our projects.

We are unstinting advocates of visionary leadership: we believe that being vision-led and audience-focused is the route to long-term success. Our strategies are built around identifying and maximising the audience for a strong and compelling vision, and finding the best ways to communicate that vision to audiences in engaging ways. This means that we work across organisations, from the creative leaders at the top, through marketing, insight, programming, interpretation, digital, visitor services and all customer-facing areas of the operation.

Complexity turns us on: we love getting inside our clients’ world and developing the most creative research methods for analysing the dynamics upon which success or failure hinge.

This makes us challenging to work with: deeply strategic and lateral-thinking we present our clients with new perspectives, illuminating their worlds with insight that forces new options and actionable programmes into play, creating real impact and measurable outcomes.

We are thought leaders: we have been leading shapers of thinking around audience research, audience development, culture change and segmentation of cultural audiences across the world for the past 30 years, influencing policy, structure and practice in numerous ways and multiple countries.

We are established and experienced operators: we have grown consistently each year since the company was formalised in 1999; we now employ 50 people in offices in the UK, USA, New Zealand and Australia. 

We handle massive, multiple, complex projects. We have in-house fieldwork, data processing, data analysis teams working hand-in-hand with specialist consultants and research analysts to exceptionally high, recognised standards and supported by sophisticated project management, communication and quality systems. Our client list features world-class organisations with many of which we have long term retained relationships.

Most importantly, we make an impact: we don’t stop at theory and we don’t want our reports to gather dust. We are only happy if our work makes a material difference measured through more people, more income and deeper engagement.

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Measuring the unmeasurable at Tate Britain

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Grayson Perry: Culture Segments in action

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