Who are they?

Stimulation are an active group who love adventure and live for the moment. They seek out new experiences to live a varied life. 'Do something different' is a maxim for life. They are all about big ideas and are looking for something out of the ordinary. But they also attend cultural events for the social experience.

Stimulation are independently minded, but aware of how they are perceived by others. They are happy to standout from the crowd if it shows them to be ahead of the curve. They don’t need things to have a proven track record before they get involved. That is not to say they dislike popularity but they aren’t drawn to the very mainstream as they like to be the one making the discoveries.

What role does culture play for them?

For Stimulation, on the one hand it appears quite cerebral – it’s about big ideas. These can be historical, they can political, they can be societal. But they also want to do this with their friends and a beer in hand. Ultimately, they want to be moved emotionally and challenged intellectually, and consume culture socially.

What do they get out of it?

Stimulation are looking for new perspectives - something they haven't seen before. Or not from that angle before. Rule-breaking can be irresistible. They like colliding things that don't go together for a different take on things or an experience that’s unusual.

Stimulation are looking to be surprised and amazed. They like spectacle. They like happenings.  They also like intimate special things like being let into the bit of the building nobody is usually allowed into and places not many people know about.

Stimulation want to be the first to know about things. They pride themselves on being ahead of the curve. They don’t need things to have a proven track record or for others to have endorsed them. In fact they would prefer it if they were the ones who dragged their friends there. Or for their friends to see them as the adviser because they know they’ll tell them about something new and astonishing.

What influences their choices?

Stimulation enjoy marketing as an art form in its own right. If it's clever, or beautiful, or visual, or tech-y, or gadget-y, they'll viral it to everyone. But if it's lame, they'll also viral it to everyone. Marketing needs to highlight the hook, the twist, the thing that makes it incredible and different. But no spoilers please – don’t give too much away. Intrigue them and spark their interest but the “reveal” should happen during the visit.

This segment typically has a slightly lower attention threshold and can be distracted by something newer or shinier on the horizon. However, brands they identify as keeping things interesting can develop relationships with this segment. Membership that doubles as a pass into new and extraordinary experiences may increase the loyalty of an otherwise promiscuous segment.

If they don't attend?

This naturally curious, adventurous segment are always on the look-out for new and extraordinary experiences. They will be open to most art forms but will need their attention grabbed and a compelling suggestion that this experience will be unexpectedly good. A new venue should simply invite them before everyone else catches on.

However, for all those in this segment who have made it inside and can see that what you do is radical and a great experience, there will be more who have assumed you’re standard; perfectly good but run of the mill. Clear articulation of what makes your experiences special and a strong, confident brand is needed.

Or grab their attention by doing something different. Stimulation like spectacle, they like happenings, they like fireworks going off, they like it pop-up. They like it to be after dark, on the roof or in the basement, starting at 10 o'clock. Do something that makes them reconsider you.

Which Culture Segment are you?

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Downloadable description of the Stimulation Culture Segment and how to reach them.

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