Covid Audience Mindsets Survey

What is it?

The gold-standard for understanding how audiences will actually behave post-lockdown.

Why have your own survey?

Flat, demographic findings from aggregated, generic tracking surveys, can’t show the stark psychographic differences vital to understanding how your own audiences are responding to your own, specific planned offerings in your own venues and locations.

What will a Covid Audience Mindsets survey tell you?

Eights insights that are crucial to your forward planning:

1. The psychographic Culture Segment profile of your audience including members and subscribers

2. How each Segment has engaged digitally with you during lockdown

3. How to leverage their digital engagement in future and in the real world

4. Your own Covid Audience Mindsets map revealing the order in which the Segments would consider returning to you — who to target first

5. Under what circumstances and safety measures they’d visit you and which would spoil the experience

6. What they now want from engaging with you — socially, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually

7. How it's changed their relationship to you

8. How you can best communicate with each Segment

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Read an in-depth article about Covid Audience Mindsets.

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Culture in Lockdown

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Covid-19 - an invitation to collaborate

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