Culture Segments

Culture Segments is a powerful psychographic segmentation tool to help you better understand and engage with your attenders and non-attenders.

Used by performing arts venues, zoos, galleries, museums and heritage organisations of all sizes, it is driving audience and visitor development around the world.

Which segment are you?

Culture Segments provides a compelling shared language for understanding your audiences and visitors. It helps you target them more accurately, engage with them more deeply, build lasting relationships and maximise loyalty.

It’s more powerful than other segmentation systems because it’s sector-specific and because it’s based on people’s deep-seated values and beliefs. It gets to the heart of what motivates them.

It’s powered by the robust, international Audience Atlas dataset and draws upon almost two decades of cutting-edge practice.

Culture Segments is practical and affordable. You can read the segment pen portraits here for free. Or increase click through rates and return on investment with Culture Segments TagTool, which segments your audience database and allow you to include the Golden Questions in your own surveys.

We offer training to use Culture Segments in your programming and product development, your services, your brand and your communications. Ultimately, we can build completely bespoke Culture Segment profiles for your organisation.

If you want to fully understand your existing audiences and to reach out to new ones, you need Culture Segments.

Which segment are you?

Image for Enrichment


Image for Entertainment


Image for Expression


Image for Perspective


Image for Stimulation


Image for Release


Image for Affirmation


Image for Essence


Culture Segments TagTool

Image for Covid Audience Mindsets Survey

Covid Audience Mindsets Survey

Image for Culture Segments and Covid Audience Mindsets

Culture Segments and Covid Audience Mindsets

Using psychographics to change the demographic profile of your audience

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SS Great Britain's visitor experience

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