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We are a strategy and research consultancy specialising in organisational development, strategic planning, audience insight and market research, brand development, audience development, segmentation, product development, income development and impact evaluation within the arts, cultural, heritage, leisure, higher education, sports and charity sectors. All of our projects are different, but the value we add is constant.

We are renowned for using market insight to make a real difference to the organisations we work with - transforming their relationships with audiences and consumers. We truly believe that the most successful organisations are those who put the needs of their customers at the centre of their activities. We never underestimate the market’s intelligence in directly providing us with the insight that we need. Our audiences have all the answers; we just need to find the right questions to ask, and the most effective way to ask them.

Most importantly of all, we are passionate about understanding cultural consumers, getting to the heart of the issues that matter to our clients and making practical recommendations for them. We’ve developed a range of sector-specific models that help organisations to better understand their current market, to reach potential new markets and to engage audiences more deeply over the long term.

Our innovations for the sectors we work in include Audience Atlas, Culture Segments, Brand Equity, Culture Segments TagToolVisitor 360, Audience Voice and Move on Up

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