Visitor Tracking

Visitor tracking is a methodology that relies, in part, on simple observations of visitor behaviour within exhibition galleries or museums. How are visitors orientating themselves on entrance to the building, for example? Do they get information from staff, leaflets or wall maps, for example? Are people hesitating at any point during their visit? If so, where? Do visitors tend to turn right or left at critical navigation points? Are visitors reading maps,then proceeding with intent and prior knowledge, or are they wandering without an obvious agenda and making spontaneous decisions based on existing signage?

A second strand of this methodology can involve quick, visitor headcounts throughout galleries or museums. These data are then used to create visitor ‘heat maps’ of collective visitor dwell times within the galleries: popular hot spots and neglected or hard-to-find cold spots. These methods are designed to identify:

  • Patterns of visitor flow throughout museum or gallery buildings, as a whole
  • Any hot or cold spots within the galleries
  • The location of any problem areas (such as confusing decision points or hard-to-find galleries)
  • Dwell times in client-identified core zones andthe building as a whole.

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