Visit Modes

We know that visitors to cultural venues are far from homogenous. And an individual visitor never makes the same visit twice: their behaviour on site varies each time they come, based on who they’re coming with and their reasons for visiting.  

So at any one time there is a massive range of different visits happening in cultural venues: visitors with diverse needs and wants, all responding in different ways to the facilities, services and artistic offering.  

We created Visit Modes to help our clients cater to this vast array of differing needs. Originally developed during a large on-site study of Tate’s visitors, we have developed this approach for cultural venues across the world.  

Visit Modes are based around a few of the key factors that drive behaviour:
·     Motivations for visiting
·     Frequency and familiarity with the venue
·     Group composition 

Unlike #CultureSegments, Visit Modes are not true market segments (see #segmentation): you can't target them in the market as people move freely between them on different visits. Rather they are temporary groupings of visitors who share a particular set of needs during today's visit. At any one time you may have visitors on site in any or all of the Visit Modes. The proportions of each will be different for each exhibition, at weekends and at different times of year. 

Organising your staff and services and designing your programme, interpretation and experiences to meet the needs of people in these Visit Modes will deepen engagement, facilitate meaning making, increase enjoyment and satisfaction. 

Examples of Visit Modes include: 

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