Veterans Reunited

Imperial War Museum asked us to measure the impact of the Veterans Reunited programme: a unique partnership project led by the Big Lottery Fund to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

Veterans Reunited was made up of three strands: Heroes Return; Their Past Your Future; and Home Front Recall. Together, these three strands supported England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales in the commemoration of the 60th Anniversary. Over 11 million people took part. 

Using a variety of interlocking research methods we explored the learning, personal and social impacts of the projects. Over 1,500 exhibition visitors, school pupils and veterans were included.

This robust approach meant we were able to quantify qualitative responses, irrefutably proving the value of the project to individuals, families and communities.

The BLF has now awarded an extra £4 million to give even more people the opportunity to benefit from Veterans Reunited.

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