Start with the Child Report

Our report Start with the Child, commissioned by Resource (the Council for Museums, Archives and Libraries) and The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP), profiled the changing social, emotional, personal and cultural needs of young people by investigating their needs, motivations and attitudes.

The information was used by museums, archives, libraries and CILIP to inform a review of library provision for young people.

The primary research confirmed that while there are clearly differences in the needs, motivations and attitudes of young people between these age groups, there are also significant differences within these age ranges.

Most previous research with young people in these sectors had been undertaken from the perspective of the service commissioning the research, usually to assess responses to actual or potential service provision. Resource and CILIP wished to take a different view, starting with the perspective of the young people themselves before applying the findings to museums, archives and libraries.

So we deliberately conducted the research in young people’s own, informal settings – play centres and youth clubs for example – to encourage them to take a broad perspective of their lives rather than being constrained by the ethos of either museums, archives and libraries or the formal educational system.

75 young people aged between 3 and 16 took part in the project. The research was undertaken in Manchester and Shropshire to provide an urban/rural comparison and with young people from a range of backgrounds to ensure that a spectrum of deprivation/affluence was also reflected.

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Start with the Child Report

The Needs and Motivations of Young people A Report Commissioned by Resource & The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals November 2002

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