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Strategic Insight for Temporary Exhibitions (SITE research)

SITE helps you identify the size, nature and needs of the audience for everything from exhibition development to marketing in order to maximise reach, engagement and impact. MHM has spent 20 years exploring the audiences for, and performance of, paid for special exhibitions.

We conducted a massive research project on behalf of 18 exhibition venues in order to quantify and classify the audience for exhibitions in London and to help venues understand which audiences responded to which exhibitions, at which venues, why and their patterns of receptivity and behaviour.

This research has helped us understand what venues need to do to maximise attendances and income for exhibitions. This has resulted in a set of tools and guidance that can inform the strategy to maximise exhibition effectiveness and:

  • inform target setting for an exhibition 
  • identify the primary target segments for an exhibition
  • maximise the appeal of exhibition propositions
  • maximise awareness
  • identify the right messages and media to communicate the proposition
  • convert awareness to desire and action
  • establish the optimum price points
  • maximise attendance and income.

The Strategic Insight for Temporary Exhibitions formative programme comprises two elements of primary research:

  • Panel/population survey
  • Focus groups/consultation forum.  

Powered by Culture Segments, and all of the MHM knowledge and experience of the exhibitions market, these inform a market appraisal, proposition testing and strategic recommendations. Used strategically they can bring about cross-departmental learning that creates a virtuous cycle of exhibition development leading to more effective exhibition design, interpretation and marketing. (See Unpacking Exhibitionsour summary of the report on the market for temporary exhibitions and how to maximise itSITE research is designed to accommodate diverse budgets and exhibitions that might range from specialist interest to mainstream or blockbuster.

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