We have made specialism of segmentation over the past 20 years and have a track record of developing robust, enduring and powerfully-effective systems – for example for the National Trust; Tate; Kew Gardens and Museum of London, Museum of London Docklands

Because we specialise in those areas of activity and behaviour that are entirely discretionary and often quite niche, we know that proprietary systems based on mass consumer behaviour or demographics simply don’t work for our clients. 

We strongly advocate a psychographic approach to segmentation. We believe that to maximise the relationship with your specialist or subtly-defined markets, it is important to understand the core values and beliefs of audiences, and how these translate into attitudes and life priorities.

The challenge for any customer-focused organisation is to appeal to the people in its existing and potential market on the basis of their motivations for engagement – that is the needs they are personally looking to fulfill through engagement. A psychographic approach enables us to fully understand the needs and motivations of the market and the benefits they seek. The better the organisation is at understanding the values and attitudes of customers, the greater scope it has for meeting these needs and ultimately for positively changing behaviour.    

Through our extensive experience of developing bespoke segmentation systems for our clients around the world, we have developed a free, sector-specific segmentation system for the arts, culture and heritage market - called Culture Segments

If you'd like to know more about segmentation, check out our article on Top 10 tips for great segmentation

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Image for Segmentation for Southbank Centre

Segmentation for Southbank Centre

Image for Grayson Perry: Culture Segments in action

Grayson Perry: Culture Segments in action

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The Rest Is Noise

Image for Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust segmentation

Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust segmentation