Rules for Living

We often talk about creating a community around an organisation. We should, of course, start by creating a community inside the organisation.

Our organisations are full of committed, creative people who are passionate about what they do and the way they do it. And that, inevitably, means that they will make demands on each other and on the organisation. Our organisations are always trying to achieve more with less. And that, inevitably, means that they will make demands on their people.

Organisational change and development are unlikely to succeed unless there is a clear social contract between the members of staff and between those staff and the organisation. What can we expect of each other? How will the organisation facilitate everyone's growth, development and creativity? What principles do we adhere to? What behaviours are expected? How will we resolve conflict?

Rules for Living is that social contract. It's at the heart of MHM's organisational development work, like our Move on Up programme. We help staff to articulate the factors that make for positive and negative work experiences and codify them into a single document.

Our clients use the Rules for Living document in their recruitment and find that candidates love it; they include it in their staff handbooks to give staff clear expectations and responsibilities; and they integrate it into their appraisal systems to review and monitor the internal culture, not just progress.

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