Covid research and insight

Cultural and heritage organizations around the globe have responded magnificently to lockdown restrictions; finding new and innovative ways to remain meaningful and relevant to their audiences and visitors.

Throughout the pandemic, MHM has been conducting audience research with clients and others to support re-opening and long term engagement survival strategies for our sector.  

Stockholm museums market survey - June 2020

Our population survey of the Stockholm museum market is being used by a consortium of Stockholm's state museums to shape re-opening strategies, prioritise messaging and understand which audiences are likely to return first and why.

Find our more about the survey here

UK theatre audience confidence survey - July 2020

Almost 100 theatres are taking part in a new UK theatre audience confidence survey from MHM and the Society of London Theatre. The findings, which will be available later in the summer, will give theatres across the country deeper, detailed insight into their audiences’ return. Results will be carefully weighted to provide a high level of practical, actionable detail.

Covid Audience Mindsets - May 2020

The model for Covid Audience Mindsets was developed using in-depth responses from over 5000 audience members from museums and theatre in the UK, Sweden and USA. 

It goes deeper than standard survey demographics to reveal the deep-seated values and beliefs that underpin people’s cultural engagement.

We used need-states modelling to discover how the lockdown has changed what different audiences now seek from culture. We employed behavioural psychology to explore people’s emotional resilience and risk propensity. And we asked deeper, more qualitative questions about how lockdown has affected people, really listening to the heartfelt responses they shared with us.

As a result we identified a hierarchy of three core factors that, in turn, frame, shape and determine each segment’s post-lockdown decision-making: Inner-self, Need-states and Deliberation.

Read Andrew's Medium article for a more in-depth analysis. 

Find out more about Covid Audience Mindset surveys for your organization. 

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Image for Culture Segments and Covid Audience Mindsets

Culture Segments and Covid Audience Mindsets

Image for Covid Audience Mindsets Survey

Covid Audience Mindsets Survey

Image for Culture in Lockdown

Culture in Lockdown

Image for UK theatre audience confidence survey

UK theatre audience confidence survey

Image for Supporting Stockholm museums to open with audiences in mind

Supporting Stockholm museums to open with audiences in mind

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Museums: Inciting social action for good