Audience Atlas Population Surveys

We have pioneered ‘Audience Atlas’ – a research technique that uses large-scale population studies to segment audiences; measure the sizes of current, lapsed and potential audiences; measure venues’ brand equity and define the scope for audience development in your organisation, region and country.
Audience Atlas will reveal your market penetration, map crossover with other venues and institutions, measure relative brand strength and identify lapsed and potential markets. All data will be fully segmented using our Culture Segments engine and algorithm.

Better questions, greater insight: we’ve drawn upon more than a decade’s leading-edge practice, helping clients to truly understand and meet the needs of audiences to develop a comprehensive set of questions – as part of the Audience Atlas survey – to explore a deeper understanding of audiences’ and potential audiences’ attitudes, perceptions and motivations; what they seek to gain from the experience; the role art and culture play in their lives; and even emotions they want to feel.

We've conducted such a study for the British Film Institute (BFI) to inform the baseline for their strategic plan. We've also conducted market sizing and segmentation studies for culture, developing Audience Atlases in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Victoria, Norway, Sweden, Malta, New York and Chicagoland in the USA, China, Brazil, Turkey, Israel, Germany, India, South Korea, Indonesia and Jordan (the latter eight countries on behalf of the British Council).

Data Director Medwen has overall responsibility for the quality of the quantitative data that Morris...

Audience Atlas UK

Audience Atlas Victoria – everything you need to know about Victorian audiences

Image for Audience Atlas New Zealand

Audience Atlas New Zealand

Image for Jordan's market for culture revealed

Jordan's market for culture revealed

Image for Audience Atlas Malta

Audience Atlas Malta