Organisational Development

Everything we do stimulates and supports organisational development. We didn't get our organisational development techniques from a generic business textbook. We forged them working in real arts, charities, culture and heritage organisations.

Our clients are passionate, vocational and visionary. So are we.

So we don't give them the same old business advice better suited to a widget factory. We help them to re-articulate their vision and to tailor the strategies that will renew their organisation. We bring energy and strategic clarity.

You'll be struck by three things when you work with MHM on your organisational development:

- we have a fundamental belief in leadership and we'll work intensively, one-to-one, with the leader to articulate their vision and develop their strategy and style.

- yet we insist on working with the entire staff, from Board members and bar staff to senior management and the cleaners, because it only works if we take everyone with us by tapping their passion, commitment and creativity (even if it's been missing for a while).

 - oh, and we've thrown away most of the old hand-me-down tools, preferring ones we've developed specially for our sector to the tired old SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) exercises and bland mission statements that were borrowed from business back in the 1980s. 

Resist the pressure to chase the money or the audience into the grey. Stick to your guns and be unashamedly, inspirationally, colourfully vision-led. (In fact, we won't work with you if you're not.)

We'll help you to re-articulate that vision, galvanise your staff around it and build an organisation that can connect audiences with it. The money and the audiences are, of course, vital. But, in our world, they are a means to achieve your end and not an end in themselves.

We believe that you'll attract far more audiences and money doing something you're passionate about than by compromising your vision, misguidedly trying to give the audience what they want (they don't actually know, yet, that's the point) and disappearing up your own deficit.

Our flagship programme is Move on Up; tried and tested with galleries, museums, theatres, orchestras, dance and opera companies from the UK, Denmark and Sweden to Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The programme combines seven elements that can each be delivered independently:

Manifesto If you're going to change the world, you'll need one of these...
Cause People can't rally to your Cause if you don't tell them what it is...
Brand DNA Decode the fundamental truth that's in your make-up...
7 pillars How do you score against the key characteristics of a 21st-century arts organisation?
Strategy Tree Build a logic tree that translates your objectives into strategies, actions, outcomes and measures and links every activity to your vision
Rules for Living The social contract that underpins creative organisational culture
Evidence of Impact Finally, the pocket-sized proof of your value and impact... in your peers' and audiences' own words and numbers.

A co-founder of Morris Hargreaves McIntyre, Andrew is one of the UK’s leading authorities on...