Market Research and Insight

Deep, rich market insight is the catalyst of meaningful change. We are endlessly fascinated by how the public responds to cultural opportunities and activities and we have made this study a cornerstone of our business.

We have in-house qualitative and quantitative research facilities, communities and field teams. We employ teams of psychologists, data analysts, statisticians and researchers.

We have years of experience, knowledge, creativity, understanding of, fascination with and intuition about human beings. We conduct face-to-face, online and telephone research and have developed a battery of methods and techniques to winkle out every bit of insight our clients need to illuminate their worlds, understand their audiences and make transformative, strategic decisions.

Tell us where you want to get to and we’ll provide the insight to get you there – quickly, efficiently, creatively and cost-effectively.    

Quantitative research

We employ a range of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to gather insight to meet our clients' audience research objectives. Our quantitative research methods include:

Qualitative research

Tell us what your hunches or concerns are, share your hypotheses or just tell us your problems and we will deploy a battery of tried and tested research tools to provide you with all the insight you require into audience perceptions, expectations, motivations and obstacles and issues related to the quality of the visit experience.

We can analyse depth of engagement, nature of relationship, quality of outcomes and impact, navigation and orientation issues, what causes too much browsing, as well as reactions to staff, interactivity, services and interpretation and help you create more engaging and enriching experiences for your visitors and audiences.

Our qualitative research methods include:

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Exhibition Evaluation

SITE reports

Audience Voice

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Audience Atlas Population Surveys

Visitor 360° rolling research

Audience Forum