Mark Sheehan

Senior Data Analyst

As a Senior Data Analyst, Mark is involved in programming surveys, analysing and scrutinising data to identify trends, and bringing a different perspective to that data to aid our projects. 

Coming from a Sociology background, Mark has a keen interest in people‚Äôs stories; combined with his experience in programming, he is adept at uncovering the stories people have to tell. Mark is a veteran of the market research industry - having worked for both large multinational companies as well as small, boutique companies. In his time across this variety of companies, he has done everything from new product design research for multinational soft drinks manufacturers to audience research for world-renowned theatre companies. 

Mark enjoys cycling, rock climbing and bouldering in his spare time, as well as exploring the world. He is keen to explore different cultures and traditions, as well as seeing what the beaches have to offer. He is becoming conversant in Portuguese and hopes to one day master the language.