Lydia Elliot

Research Executive

Lydia has a diverse background in the creative industries and has a lot of contact with the local visual arts community. She enjoys getting things done and is always ready to assist when and where required.

Lydia’s role covers a broad range of responsibilities; these include preparing, proofreading and writing reports, creating presentations and conducting desk research. Her strengths lie in her keen eye for detail and design, her analytical skills and her ability to see the bigger picture.

Lydia has worked with major clients throughout Australia and New Zealand including TePapa, Auckland Zoo, Auckland Art Gallery, Canterbury Museum, QAGOMA and theTasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

Before joining the team at MHM Lydia spent many years as an account manager in an advertising agency and has worked for the Auckland Art Gallery and the University of Auckland.

Lydia is always on hand to help out artistic friends with exhibition catalogue design, layout and production. Most recently she produced and hand-bound her father's memoirs – from whom she inherited a love of running. She has a craft sideline in ceramics, is a founding member of the Franklin Road Knitting Club and spends an awful lot of time worrying about her daughter's education.

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