Knowsley Safari

Since 2016, MHM has been working with Knowsley Safari in Merseyside to help develop their knowledge and understanding of their visitors.

Knowsley Safari recognised a need to gain deeper insight into their visitors – not just who they are but what drives them to engage, what benefits they seek and what outcomes they experience.

We introduced year-round face-to-face exit interviews with visitors, using a survey developed in consultation with the Knowsley Safari team. Interviews are conducted in every month of the year, with the sample allocation determined by the visit flow, covering both weekdays and weekends, term-time and holidays. 

An additional benefit of continuous and ongoing (year-on-year) data collection is that it builds into a visitor databank that can be interrogated creatively and strategically, rather than relying on a set of static reports. We can cross-analyse data in any number of ways to explore longitudinal trends across peak, shoulder and off-peak periods, given the highly seasonal nature of visits to the Safari Park.

By using a segmented approach, MHM has brought audiences to life for Knowsley Safari and helped them to better cater for the needs of their existing audiences and communicate more effectively with potential visitors.

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Photo credit Knowsley Safari

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