Jack Roscoe

Field Manager

As Field Manager, Jack is responsible for the practical logistics of conducting MHM's research in venues around the world.

This includes the recruitment of respondents for qualitative research, overseeing face-to-face data collection processes and in-venue research, testing surveys to ensure operational efficiency and that high quality briefing materials and support are available for fieldworkers and project teams.
Jack also works closely with client teams who are conducting their own fieldwork, to monitor achievement and the quality and consistency of their data collection, as well as helping to support and provide training for their staff and volunteers.
Prior to his current role, Jack worked for MHM on telephone recruitment for focus groups and as a face-to-face interviewer at venues in the North West. This ground floor experience means he is always ready to lean in with practical experience of data collection and fieldwork, interviewer management, survey testing and design best practices.

In his spare time Jack loves to read, play indie video games and loves music, whether that is playing the drums and guitar or listening to his favourite old blues, jazz and classic rock n’ roll.

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