Historic Royal Palaces

Morris Hargreaves McIntyre has worked in partnership with Historic Royal Palaces on a range of projects, from carrying out formative and summative evaluations for exhibitions and spaces, developing a bespoke HRP #CultureSegments system to exploring the notion of authenticity in a heritage context, analysing their retail offer and carrying out strategic evaluation projects. 

We designed a unique programme for each project, blending methodologies including filmed accompanied visits, depth interviews, e-surveys, and audience forums; balancing wide reach with thorough exploration to generate incisive analysis. We drew on concepts beyond the realm of market research, such as learning styles to understand how they affect engagement.

Morris Hargreaves McIntyre has consistently challenged Historic Royal Palaces to delve deeper into their visitors’ needs – understanding their motivations for engaging with history, how they relate to stories of the past, and what forms of interpretation engage them.

Results are distilled into actionable recommendations framed in terms of HRP’s segmentation system that can be understood and implemented at a venue-specific and organisation-wide strategic level.

We provided focused solutions to the challenges of individual exhibits, and offered a more cohesive approach to interpretation across HRP’s five sites.

Data Director Medwen has overall responsibility for the quality of the quantitative data that Morris...

Image for Authenticity and the audience - a case study

Authenticity and the audience - a case study

Image for National Trust interpretation

National Trust interpretation

Image for Jodrell Bank secures £16m heritage funding

Jodrell Bank secures £16m heritage funding

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