Hayward Gallery

The Hayward Gallery has a long history of presenting work by the world's most adventurous and innovative artists. Opened by Her Majesty The Queen in 1968, it is an outstanding example of sixties brutalist architecture and is one of the few remaining buildings of this style. It was designed by a group of young architects, including Dennis Crompton, Warren Chalk and Ron Herron. The Hayward Gallery is named after the late Sir Isaac Hayward, the former leader of the London County Council.

During the performance of the Undercover Surrealism exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, MHM were commissioned to evaluate the exhibition in the context of our existing knowledge of the market for special exhibitions and that market's motivations, needs, behaviour and responses. Visitor numbers were lower than expected, as predicted by the gallery, and so through qualitative interviews with visitors to the exhibition and synthesis with desk sources, we were able to quickly identify issues with the offer of the exhibition, marketing campaign and visitor engagement with the exhibition and make practical recommendations on how to improve the performance of future temporary exhibitions. 

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