Grayson Perry: Culture Segments in action

We have worked with the British Museum for over five years, on a programme of organisational development towards enhanced consumer focus. Working with senior members of staff, and using a range of interlocking research methodologies, we have helped to transform the way the museum understands and interacts with current visitors. The British Museum is now using #CultureSegments to identify and target audiences for charging temporary exhibitions.

For the Museum’s charging exhibition, Grayson Perry - The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman, we used a combination of online research with their current market, and a review of Audience Atlas data on the market for charging exhibitions in London, to identify three primary and two secondary segments for targeting the exhibition at. Qualitative research with the primary segments identified the most effective propositions, messaging, events programming, interpretation and marketing channels for each segment. The Museum went on to target segments using a differentiated marketing approach.

The results were highly impressive, with the exhibition selling 112,194 tickets, against a target of 60,000, and generating merchandise sales that were 500% above target.

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Grayson Perry Case Study

A case study on Culture Segments, the British Museum and Grayson Perry - The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman

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Image for Segmentation for Southbank Centre

Segmentation for Southbank Centre