Evaluation Studies

We measure the 'un-measurable'. What's the true value of what you do?

MHM has pioneered a mode of evaluation which is rigorous, creative and highly-effective which does justice to projects of all scope and complexity.

We call this vision-led, outcome-focused evaluation.

We use our innovative evaluation framework to structure your evaluation. This helps us to clearly connect the vision, aims and objectives of your project to the outputs and outcomes you want to achieve and the methods through which you will collect the evidence. 

An evaluation framework has two components: a strategy tree and a methodology matrix.

A strategy tree which maps the strategic plan
This is a deceptively simple but visually compelling presentation of the why, what and how of the project – its vision, aims, objectives, activities and deliverables, both outputs and outcomes.

Practical, action-focused methodology matrix
The methodology matrix takes the outputs and outcomes from the strategy tree and turns them into indicators that can be measured. The matrix also identifies the type of data (quantitative or qualitative ) and the methods through which the data for each output and outcome will be collected. By combining the strategy tree and methodology matrix we ensure evaluation projects are both highly strategic and practical.

Evaluation methodology

We use a battery of methods to produce robust, meaningful measures of what really matters, many of which have been effectively adapted for the Covid pandemic. 

These adapted methods include online focus groups, stakeholder workshops, one-to-one depth interviews and video diaries. Much of our research in this area has involved working with families, ethnically diverse communities, travellers, refugees, asylum seekers and people with disabilities.

Not every idea has the need - or budget - for a full-scale evaluation project. Our Medium article offers advice for conducting your own evaluation in-house.  

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