English Heritage

English Heritage exists to help people understand, value, care for and enjoy England's unique heritage.

They are probably best known for looking after the National Heritage Collection of historic sites and monuments and the guardianship of over 500,000 objects and 12 million photographs in public archives.

The Collection ranges from prehistoric stone circles to a 1960s nuclear bunker and includes Stonehenge and Hadrian's Wall, Charles Darwin's diaries and the Duke of Wellington's boots. Taken together, over 400 properties in their care help to tell the story of England

MHM has worked with English Heritage on many projects across different sites. We were commissioned to evaluate, for example, the visitor experience at Brodsworth Hall and Gardens, and determine barriers for non-attendance.

We hosted an audience forum at the Hall with current and potential adult visitors and family visitors, and through facilitated discussions, group workshops and post-it note exercises, gathered a wealth of rich qualitative data on a number of issues including current and potential interpretation methodologies and the family experience.

We also conducted substantial observational research throughout the Hall, judging how engaged visitors became in the different rooms, how they behaved and which forms of interpretation they used. This enabled us to create an ‘engagement map’ of the building, showing which rooms were more successful than others, and overall we were able to offer wide-ranging strategic and tactical recommendations on how to attract more visitors and improve the visit experience.

As Director, Jo leads MHM projects from inception through delivery, with a primary focus on...

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