Edinburgh International Film Festival

Edinburgh International Film Festival first commissioned Morris Hargreaves McIntyre in 1999 to undertake a detailed study to help inform their marketing strategy and planning. This piece of research has since been followed by five other projects, from exploring reactions from the festival’s audiences to assessing the economic impact on the city.

Morris Hargreaves McIntyre have conducted research with festival attenders, film professionals and the local Edinburgh population to get a detailed understanding of who the festival attracts, how it can grow its audiences and the impact it has on the city.

At the first stage of research Morris Hargreaves McIntyre devised a unique and ground-breaking segmentation of the festival’s audience based on age, attendance frequency and propensity to take risks that has changed how the organisation markets itself to attenders. These segments have since been explored through detailed qualitative and quantitative research to make them as real and identifiable as possible for staff across the organisation.

Data Director Medwen has overall responsibility for the quality of the quantitative data that Morris...

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