Culture Segments and Covid Audience Mindsets

There are eight distinct Culture Segments, each defined by the deep-seated values and beliefs that frame the way one engages with culture.

Understanding how each segment will respond to your post-lockdown offer will be crucial. Here’s a summary of how each has engaged during lockdown, sees their digital future and is approaching re-opening. 


STIMULATION love big ideas: they’re active, social, experimental thrill seekers.

In lockdown:
Our digital frenzy has given them an infinite buffet of all-you-can-click content – a smorgasbord of cool stuff.

Digital futures:
They’ve discovered new sources to feed their habit.

They are primed and ready. Especially if you’re offering new ways to engage or new places to do it


PERSPECTIVE are happy in their own bubble: settled, self-sufficient, focused and contented.

In lockdown:
Digital offered depth — time to explore a huge back catalogue of what they’re fascinated by.

Digital futures:
Understanding their often minority specialisms is the key to engagement.

They trust their own rationality and will readily return for anything that speaks to their passions


ESSENCE are core cultural visitors: discerning, confident, independent and arts-essential.

In lockdown: 
Shutting down culture has been like cutting off oxygen. Digital content has been a lifeline, though not a patch on the real thing.

Digital futures:
It will only ever be an extra: a wrap-around enhancement.

They can’t wait. Essence favored social distancing before it was fashionable, so exclusive access with limited numbers is their perfect proposition.


EXPRESSION are people people: committed, generous, creative and community minded.

In lockdown:
Digital offered an opportunity to stay (sort of) connected to the people and cultural organizations they love.

Digital futures:
Hold them closer. Curating this online community would build huge brand equity.

They want to support you but, at first, might just wait and see.


ENTERTAINMENT are looking for fun: leisure opportunities that are mainstream and popular.

In lockdown:
The internet was a recommendation engine – our more viral efforts offered moments of entertainment and distraction.

Digital futures:
Seeking highlights – will only connect if our content gets on the populist radar.

They want to escape lockdown. They may be there when the zoo opens. Disneyland Shanghai’s re-opening tickets sold out in minutes.


RELEASE feel time poor: busy, prioritising, ambitious but seeking escape.

In lockdown:
Digital offered value for time – an efficient way to fit some (highly recommended) culture into their stressed lives.

Digital futures:
Remote consumption suits them, as long as it’s from trusted sources.

Culture not a priority, but if there’s one unmissable thing to see or do, they may be willing.


AFFIRMATION like to do the right thing: they’re diligent, cautious and spend their time well.

In lockdown:
Digital offered safety, a de-risked opportunity to try things from inside their protective bubble.

Digital futures:
Being able to try before they hazard a visit (financially or medically) could become a key part of their visit decisions.

They are playing it safe, taking no risks and waiting it out


ENRICHMENT see the present through the past: heritage, tradition, narrative and nostalgia.In lockdown. Used the internet as an extra TV channel, making handpicked appointments to view high quality, established content from trusted sources.

Digital futures:
The convenience of home viewing is very appealing but difficult to monetise in this price-conscious segment.

They’re happy in lockdown and feel safer staying that way for the duration. They’ll see you on the other side.

Mapping the order of return

To understand the order in which the Segments are willing to return to your venue, Covid Audience Mindsets can plot how each of the Culture Segments is responding to Covid, using deep-seated personality traits like emotional resilience and risk propensity.

Venue-by-venue we can build accurate maps of the order in which your audience will return.

This example map uses data from a specific venue study.

For them, Perspective and Stimulation are obviously the first Segments to target. Yours may show a different pattern.

Which Culture Segment are you? 

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