Culture in Lockdown

MHM co-founder, Andrew McIntyre, has published three think pieces to support cultural institutions and their audiences during the Coronavirus crisis. 

In Culture in Lockdown Part 1: We can do digital, can we do strategy? Andrew argues that the phenomenal effort we’re all putting into giving audiences access to our digital content needs to be re-framed as a series of radical experiments that can make our post-Covid organisations far more audience-focused. Read it here

In Culture in Lockdown Part 2: The 7 pillars of audience-focus Andrew says what we do next is going to shape the sector for the next decade. He distinguishes between product-focused, marketing-focused and audience-focused organisations and shares the framework for how cultural organisations can re-cast plans to ensure audiences are at the heart of every re-opening strategy. Read it here.

In Culture in Lockdown Part 3: Covid Audience Mindsets, Andrew shares a crucial new model that maps, illuminates and segments your post-lockdown audiences. He offers unique insights into how the Culture Segments have engaged during lockdown, how they see their future with digital content and their mindsets towards re-opening. Read it here.

Covid Audience Mindsets Survey

We’ve created an affordable Covid Audience Mindsets Survey that will deliver on eight factors that are crucial to your forward planning:
1. The psychographic Culture Segment profile of your audience including members and subscribers
2. How each Segment has engaged digitally with you during lockdown
3. How to leverage their digital engagement in future and in the real world
4. Your own Covid Audience Mindsets map revealing the order in which the Segments would consider returning to you — who to target firs
5. Under what circumstances and safety measures they’d visit you and which would spoil the experience
6. What they now want from engaging with you — socially, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually
7. How its changed their relationship to you
8. How you can best communicate with each Segment.

Find out more here

Join our free webinars where Andrew will share practical ways every organisation can use the 7 Pillars framework to put audiences at the heart of their planning and reveal the startling differences being revealed by the Covid Audience Mindsets research. 

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Webinar: Audience-focused re-opening strategies

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Covid Audience Mindsets Survey

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Covid-19 - an invitation to collaborate