Creative New Zealand

Creative New Zealand is the national agency for the development of the arts in New Zealand.

Using MHM’s organisational development programme #MoveOnUp we worked with several major arts organisations, through Creative New Zealand, with remarkable results.  

Move on Up is an organisational development programme that helps Arts venues take a systematic, well informed, widely-understood strategic route to audience development which results in long-term, sustainable, organisational change and the whole staff geared up to developing long-term interactive relationships with new audiences, stakeholders and partners.

Over a three-month period the programme takes the whole organisation through the Seven Pillars of what constitutes a vision-led, audience-focused 21st Century Arts venue. 

Our work with Creative New Zealand continues with Andrew McIntyre spending several weeks each year in New Zealand working with the venues on a long term development plan, ensuring their continued success and inspiring change.

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A co-founder of Morris Hargreaves McIntyre, Andrew is one of the UK’s leading authorities on...

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