Connecting Australians: the National Arts Participation Survey

Morris Hargreaves McIntyre was commissioned by the Australia Council for the Arts to explore the Culture Segment profiles of Australians who actively take part in producing art as part of the recent Connecting Australians: Results of the National Arts Participation Survey.

MHM’s Culture Segments is a universal, sector-specific segmentation system for arts and culture audiences. As a values-based analysis, it provides deeper insight and richer information than traditional segmentation based on demographics such as age or gender.

We've produced eight detailed Pen Portraits which can be downloaded for free from the Australia Council website - as well as an interactive dashboard populated with Culture Segment information. The  highly visual Pen Portraits provide detailed summaries of each Culture Segment, exploring who they are, the role the arts play in their lives and how they interact with Australia’s cultural landscape. We’ve outlined key demographic information for each segment; which art-forms they attend and what they participate in. Community arts and cultural development and festival attendance are also explored through this lens. 

The Pen Portraits also outline how each Culture Segment donates time or money to the arts (and how this compares to the average), on-line behaviour and their views on a number of statements about arts and culture. 

MHM’s Culture Segments continue online with a set of interactive dashboards, searchable by artform, creative participation, state and territory. You can establish the Culture Segment profile of your audience by artform, see how it compares with the profile of those who make work and establish where there is growth. 

Regardless of scale, Culture Segments is powerful stuff; designed to be a practical, accessible tool with multiple applications to help place your audiences at the heart of your organisation.

What to do next:
Segment yourself here.  Just switch the word countryside for outdoors. 
- Download the Pen Portraits
- Read the ‘How to use this report' – and apply the findings to you and your organisation.

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