British Museum

Since conducting a summative evaluation of the Sudan exhibition in 2004, Morris Hargreaves McIntyre has worked closely with the British Museum on a number of special exhibitions to understand what visitors want, how they behave and what they get out of a visit.

Using a vast range of both qualitative and quantitative techniques we have conducted thousands of interviews and observations as well as hundreds of focus groups and audience forums to ensure that the British Museum understands its audience and is best equipped to meet their needs.

We have conducted formative evaluation at exhibitions such as Michelangelo Drawings and the First Emperor: China's Terracotta Army to help inform design, content and interpretation, while subsequent summative evalution is equally important for future exhibitions.

The research has provided the British Museum with an unrivalled understanding of its audiences.

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Image for Grayson Perry: Culture Segments in action

Grayson Perry: Culture Segments in action

Exhibition Evaluation

Image for London Temporary Exhibitions Report

London Temporary Exhibitions Report