Do all your colleagues understand and embrace branding? Is it seen as a driving force in programming and policy? Is it a core Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for measuring the organisation's success? Is it a rich, common language between marketing and other staff?

If not, MHM can help.

Our approach is artistic and curator-friendly. We begin by helping your organisation to define its Brand DNA, the core truth that drives the organisation. This is stuff everyone cares about.

This gives all the staff in the organisation a powerful Brand Audit tool that embeds on-brand practice everywhere.

Having defined the values, beliefs, attributes and traits that make up the brand DNA, we can accurately and robustly measure the levels of Brand Affinity  amongst your current and potential audiences. 

We have also created a sophisticated tool to measure and benchmark the levels of Functional Brand Equity and Emotional Brand Equity that your organisation has achieved.

These measures of Brand Affinity and Brand Equity are powerful and meaningful KPIs of audience engagement and satisfaction that should be standard for all arts management teams. We call this set of measurements our Brand Barometer. We can undertake this for you independently or embed it in one of our broader Audience Profiling surveys, like Visitor 360°, or in a survey you do yourself.

We combine these Brand Equity scores with measures of your Market Power (awareness, penetration, visit recency and visit propensity) taken from MHM's Audience Atlas to create a profile and measure of your Audience Capital: the value of the audiences' stake in your organisation.

MHM's Branding is built in to our flagship organisational development programme, Move on Up. And you can really unlock the power of your Brand Affinity and Brand Equity KPIs by cross-tabulating them with MHM's Culture Segments system, allowing you to actively 'manage' your brand by targeting particular segments with specific brand messages to engage them more deeply and drive your KPI scores up.

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