Understanding your brand

Whether you use MHM's services to define your Brand DNA or whether you've already nailed your own brand values, beliefs, attributes, traits and promises, using our Brand Barometer, we can help you to accurately measure the extent to which audiences understand and identify with each aspect of your brand.

In an ideal world, you would want all audiences to 'get' the whole brand: to understand your organisation's values and personally identify with you. And undoubtedly some of them will.

But, in the real world, these levels of Brand Affinity are patchy. One section of the audience will get some aspects of the brand but not others. A different section will get a different permutation.

And there may be one or two elements of the brand that almost none of the audience gets.

You need to know the overall levels of Brand Affinity in your audience. This is a powerful and meaningful KPI of audience engagement that should be tracked by every arts management team.

But you really need to know who in your audience gets which elements of the brand. We think the ultimate way of doing that is to measure Brand Affinity levels by Culture Segments, but we'd also advise that it's useful to compare the different Brand Affinity scores of subscribers, members, regular attenders, first timers, and potential attenders in the wider market.

This level of profiling allows you to actively 'manage’ and drive up levels of Brand Affinity by directly targeting particular segments and sections of the audience with specific brand messages designed to challenge, refine or reinforce their existing brand perceptions.