Ben Cullen

Data Analyst

Ben is the latest data analyst to join the MHM fold. In this role he works primarily on the technical side of projects; setting up surveys, scrutinising the data, and finally analysing it. His ability to manage these responsibilities ensures the integrity of our methods is preserved.

His confidence in dealing with large, complex databases comes from his academic achievements. During his Research MSc in Conservation Biology he created a model to explain the popularity of certain wild birds as pets within Indonesian society, for which he developed two survey apps which quantified bird beauty (both physically and acoustically). In his spare time, he works on this project to get his paper published in a peer-review journal.

Given his academic experience, Ben brings new and fresh insight to working with wildlife attractions and conservation charities. His background however does nothing to limit his scope of interest and his logical brain and open-minded attitude mean he is a valued asset on any project.

When taking time out from his professional and academic commitments, Ben can be found enjoying Manchester’s surrounding countryside with his dog. He is also an ardent record collector and on occasion curates eclectic shows on internet radio stations based in Manchester and Leeds.