Azadeh Gishani

Data Analyst

With an eye for detail and passion for crunching numbers, Azadeh handles the data side of projects; including setting up surveys, conducting the necessary weighting, statistical analysis and modelling of data.

Previous to working at MHM, Azadeh completed a master's degree in Statistics at Uppsala and Lund in Sweden. Following her graduation she worked with the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in Iran, where she handled data on health insurance for refugees - the first UNHCR project of its kind.

She continued to work closely with refugees at UNHCR, helping those who wanted to set up their own businesses and become self-reliant or create jobs for other members of their community. She was extensively involved in project management and information management whilst in this role.

Since moving to the UK, she has volunteered for the Oxfam online bookshop and Royal Exchange Theatre whilst working for a media agency as data analyst.

In her free time Azadeh is either busy learning the German language or being a tourist in the UK.