Audience Voice

Audience Voice, is our community panel made up of arts and culture audiences (eight in ten of the UK population). 

Affordable and flexible, Audience Voice is a combination of market research and social media. It’s an online community that is created and maintained to conduct quantitative and qualitative research e.g. surveys, quick polls, discussions and co-creation tasks. 

It’s an online space that allows conversations with a large number of people, i.e. a methodology that is moving away from the more conventional research monologue to a dialogue, and where our members feel valued for participating. 

Audience Voice allows us, and our clients, to reach out to and communicate with people using a social media format, something that an ever-increasing proportion of the UK population is familiar with. Research carried out using Audience Voice will result in an ongoing, iterative conversation held (mostly) online, enabling a much richer relationship with audiences. 

It also provides great opportunities to carry out longitudinal analysis, i.e. tracking how opinions and behaviours change over time which, in turn, will result in learning more about audiences. 

A community panel methodology also allows us to easily go back to our audience members with follow-up questions, in order to gain further understanding and insight into a research question. This could take the form of an online discussion, or may even be as simple as a quick poll on the Audience Voice website.

When using Audience Voice, the research turnaround tends to be quicker than with more conventional methodologies, with top-line results coming through in the first 24 hours. 

Through Audience Voice we can conduct research using our Culture Panel or develop and work through your own bespoke panel drawn from your membership or CRM system.

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