Audience Atlas UK

Our clients kept asking us the same question – how can we better understand and reach our potential market?

To address this directly we undertook the most detailed survey of the audience for arts, culture and leisure in the UK – Audience Atlas UK. Audience Atlas UK samples 6,000 adult respondents (aged 16 and over) who are in the market for art, culture and leisure activities and events. They are drawn from every region of the UK, and the dataset is carefully weighted to be representative of the whole market – amounting to 85% of the adult population in the UK.

It is powerful and practical. Audience Atlas UK defines the market. It provides data to enable cross analysis to quantify your lapsed, current and potential market against their values, attitudes, media use, expenditure and behaviour to provide detailed insight into your audience. It supports realistic target-setting, identification of potential markets and partner organisations. Audience Atlas is ideal if you want to know the size and characteristics of your current and potential market.

A co-founder of Morris Hargreaves McIntyre, Andrew is one of the UK’s leading authorities on...

Exhibition Evaluation

Image for Grayson Perry: Culture Segments in action

Grayson Perry: Culture Segments in action

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The Rest Is Noise

Audience Atlas Victoria – everything you need to know about Victorian audiences

Image for Audience Atlas Population Surveys

Audience Atlas Population Surveys