Andrew McIntyre


A co-founder of Morris Hargreaves McIntyre, Andrew is one of the UK’s leading authorities on audience motivations, behaviour and responses.

His work on visitors’ engagement with and meaning making from museum and gallery collections has profound implications, not only for arts marketing and audience development but also for curatorial and educational practice in the sector.

But he doesn't just do theory. Andrew has devised many widely used audience development techniques including 'Test Drive the Arts' and 'Audience Builder'.

He has served as Chair of the Visitor Studies Group and is a popular speaker and trainer. He gives delegates real insight into the minds of the audience, a toolkit of skills and techniques and the inspiration and confidence to try them out.

Andrew lives in Manchester with Helen, a primary school teacher, and two sons who definitely don’t support Manchester United.

Andrew is a qualified FIFA soccer coach and at weekends can be found on a muddy touchline somewhere urging a bunch of tentative 7-year-olds to kick the ball.

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