MHM targets Australia with new appointment

I have been aware of the work of MHM for most of my professional career - from when the Directors all worked for other organisations to hearing about the successes of Test Drive the Arts. I feel (to paraphrase a colleague) that heading up the Australian work of MHM is a role I have been rehearsing for.

I also clearly remember attending a session at the AMA conference in 2004 with my colleague from Welsh National Opera, Jo Taylor (also now a consultant with MHM). We were blown away by the rationale underpinning Audience Builder – presented by Andrew McIntyre who was working with the Liverpool Phil - and resolved to activate it the moment we returned to Cardiff. 

MHM’s geographical footprint is strangely similar to mine.  I started my theatre-going life in Manchester, headed to London to study and then lived in Oxford, Glasgow and Cardiff before realising I needed a new professional challenge in Australia. I have lived and worked for the last six years in Melbourne – and am now leading MHM’s Australian business push from Sydney, working with the teams in both Auckland and Manchester, so juggling time zones is a very regular occurrence. 

My first role in Australia was Marketing and Sponsorship Director for the incredible Melbourne International Comedy Festival – a huge event which reaches half a million people with a diverse audience.  I then ran a state opera company - Victorian Opera.  VO has developed an enviable reputation for commissioning and performing new Australian work.  I found myself revisiting all concepts of risk, frequency and balance that I’d tackled at the AMA conference years ago.

The cultural sector is really hungry for work which can make real change.  There is a real need for innovation to transform what we do, how we do it and who we reach. This is why I am passionate about the work we do at MHM and why I am thrilled about possibilities for 2014 and beyond.     

By Lucy Shorrocks.

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Lucy consults, plans and delivers work for the cultural sector in Australia in partnership with MHM...

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