A Day In The Life of a... Senior Data Analyst

Can you begin by telling us a bit about yourself, and your role in the agency?

I am a 7-year MHM veteran, and part of the data team. I am one of the guys who manipulates the data into more digestible pieces for the consultants and executives to feast on. I have also been known, from time to time, to make the odd quite digestible cake. I am currently working for MHM on the other side of the globe, helping out in the relatively new office here in Auckland.

Below is a feijoa cake, it's almost healthy...

Can you describe a typical day in the office?

I have a few typical days in the office, all of them however involve me using data. I will be either creating a new database, or outputting an existing one, coding some data a client has collected, helping a colleague understand something or resolving a technical issue.

What key skills do you think are most important to do your job?

Logic is the main skill you'll need on the data team. Whether you are using it to calculate some data; efficiently construct a database or scrutinising the form of a question, logic is always the main attribute to the job in hand. While being a data geek allows you to be a little peculiar, working for an agency requires that you be a great communicator. We are the middle cog in the machine, so we both rely on and support the agency in every direction.

What background did you have before working at MHM?

Other than some basic office experience, I was fresh off the academic boat. So I approached MHM with my degree in Sociology, my knowledge of social research, and an interest in the web. After a short maths test and a Powerpoint presentation from my Nokia 6230 (a million years pre-iPhone) I was in.

How would you describe working for MHM?

Have you seen Mad Men? ….Well it's nothing like that. 
It's an agency that knows its value comes from the ideas of its staff. While some minds are more bold and brilliant than others, the floor is still always open to debate from every member. 

Okay….there are hints of Mad Men after 5 on a Friday.

A born problem-solver with a keen eye for detail, Fran is in his element when navigating the...

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