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‘Culture Segments now inform not only our future marketing efforts, but also how we programme and fundraise. Every marketing conversation is now layered with a discussion about why people are coming and what Culture Segments we want to appeal to.’

- Howard Levine, Director of Digital Innovation & Creative Strategy, 92Y, New York

92nd Street Y is a world-class nonprofit community and cultural center that connects people at every stage of life to the worlds of education, the arts, health and wellness, and Jewish life.

92Y were seeking to move to a values-based and psychographic approach to segmenting their market and developing their patron base, to encourage deeper engagement, greater crossover between the different programs on offer, to increase their efficiency and effectiveness and drive revenue. Our methodology comprised an e-survey to their bookers database, to form a comprehensive picture of 92Y’s audience, to establish the distribution and current levels of engagement of each of the Culture Segments, their views and perspectives of 92Y and how they specifically engage with the organization and its offer.

We then mapped this data against our Audience Atlas New York dataset, which comprises detailed information about the cultural market in New York and how they engage in the wider market. This enabled us to identify opportunities for growth and focus. We have explored the implications with cross-disciplinary teams at 92Y and have made deeply strategic recommendations on how to most effectively to develop their priority target segments, optimize their offer and refine their marketing and communications.

The result of our work has been a complete shift in thinking throughout the organisation. We continue to work with the team at 92Y on bespoke projects reviewing their publications and processes and further refining work already undertaken to tag their bookers database.

Focus on Expression: Giving Tuesday at 92Y

To celebrate their 140th birthday, 92Y created the worldwide Giving Tuesday. Their own campaign prioritised donations from the Expression segment by tailoring specific messages and targeting through digital media. The campaign messages were tailored to Expression’s drivers, focusing on community building through the line ‘Powered by 92Y & You’. Communications were targeted to email subscribers in the segment through Tessitura as well as cross platform via social media used by Expression. The results of Giving Tuesday surpassed expectations. The differentiated campaign delivered a strong response, with donations from Expression outstripping all other segments.

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Symphony Space - Culture Segments in action

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