Elinor James

Chief Executive Officer

Elinor oversees the quality and consistency of everything Morris Hargreaves McIntyre produces, to ensure it is of a high standard, on-brand and delivers outstanding insight for our clients. She also manages some of our key strategies to develop our thinking, models and ways of working. Elinor leads and contributes to client projects, with a particular interest in qualitative research.

Elinor is passionate about investigating and understanding human behaviour. She is an experienced facilitator with particular expertise in uncovering deep drivers and motivations from respondents.

As a longstanding team member, Elinor has a broad knowledge of our works and an interest in the minutiae of cultural research. She has also helped to evolve our models and approaches to consumer behaviour.

Elinor has also worked at nmp Ltd, where she delivered research and consultancy projects for creative and media organisations. Elinor’s interests are petting zoos, innovative paint stripping methods and biographies of little-known naturalists.

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