Culture Segments

What is it?

#CultureSegments is the new international standard segmentation system for arts, culture and heritage organisations. From Sydney Opera House to the British Museum it’s driving audience development.

It provides a compelling, shared language and deep insight to understand audiences. It can help you to target people more accurately, engage them more deeply, and build lasting relationships.

Culture Segments is more powerful than other systems because it’s sector-specific and because it’s based on people’s deep-seated cultural values and their beliefs about the role that culture plays in their lives. It gets to the heart of what motivates them.

It’s powered by the robust, international Audience Atlas data set and draws upon a decade’s leading-edge practice helping our clients to truly understand and meet the needs of audiences for arts, culture and heritage.

Culture Segments is very practical and affordable. The basic system provides useful insight and is published free of charge. For a small fee, you can add Culture Segments to your audience surveys. A simple license allows you to profile every record in your audience database. We offer training to use Culture Segments in your programming and product development, your services, your brand and your communications. Ultimately, we can build completely bespoke Culture Segment profiles for your organisation.

If you want to fully meet the needs of your existing audience and to reach out to new audiences, you need Culture Segments.

There are eight unique #segments within the Culture Segments system: #Enrichment, #Entertainment, #Expression, #Perspective, #Stimulation, #Affirmation, #Release and #Essence.

Which Segment are you?

Use our online tool to see which Culture Segment you are.


Download the Culture Segments guide and see the detailed descriptions of each segment... 

Culture Segments booklet 2016

Full-length Culture Segments booklet 2016 version.

Essence pen portrait

A pen portrait of one of the 8 Culture Segments: Essence

Expression pen portrait

A pen portrait of one of the 8 Culture Segments: Expression

Enrichment pen portrait

A pen portrait of one of the 8 Culture Segments: Enrichment

Affirmation pen portrait

A pen portrait of one of the 8 Culture Segments: Affirmation

A co-founder of Morris Hargreaves McIntyre, Andrew is one of the UK’s leading authorities on...

Image for Perspective Pen Portrait

Perspective Pen Portrait

Image for Stimulation Pen Portrait

Stimulation Pen Portrait

Image for Release Pen Portrait

Release Pen Portrait

Image for Affirmation Pen Portrait

Affirmation Pen Portrait

Image for Essence Pen Portrait

Essence Pen Portrait

Image for Enrichment Pen Portrait

Enrichment Pen Portrait

Top 10 tips for great segmentation

Image for Entertainment Pen Portrait

Entertainment Pen Portrait

Image for Expression Pen Portrait

Expression Pen Portrait

Image for Grayson Perry: Culture Segments in action

Grayson Perry: Culture Segments in action

Image for Segmentation for Southbank Centre

Segmentation for Southbank Centre

Image for The Place

The Place

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